Thursday, April 16, 2009

tweet tweet tweet - no it's not a chick hatching it's ktp with her latest obsession! *groan*

We’ll I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon of Twitter. I was determined to ‘not get it’ and be stubborn about enjoying it but curiosity killed the cat and I joined ‘just to have a look!’ Hmmm! I also decided that I wasn’t going to start following celebs but I added a few as well as some real people and off I went! I now check it far more than I should do, either on my computer or mobile (damn you who invented mobile internet!!!) and now the world can read about what I’m thinking or doing. Celebs I’m following (maybe read stalking) include Pete Wentz, Joel Madden, 10 Downing Street (who as soon as I followed them they followed me! Eep!), Johnathon Ross, Russel Brand, and I’m sure by the time you’ve finished reading this I’ll have added more! Yoink!

You can only twitter 140 characters I think it is so I’ll still be blogging on! Noone can stop my random ramblings that easily! Muah-ha-ha.

Just incase you really care I’ve got a box under my profile that lets you know what I’ve been twittering! Because yes, the world does revolve around me! :P

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