Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dya wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang?!

Oh yeah! I really did feel like the leader last night. Rfa & i had a wedding to go to in preston & we went only knowing each other but ended up leaving knowing most & them knowing us!

The ceremony was lovely & really small. Ian looked very dapper & jo looked stunning. I almost blubbed a few times especially when they played 'all i ask of you' from phantom when signing the register!

By the time we sat down to eat i'd already had 2 glasses of champagne & a pint of ale so was well on the way to being merry. So merry infact i was given a chicken ceaser salad & ate it all! Lettuce & tomato, the lot! The rest of the meal was lovely too & the speeches equally as good. :-) ian can be soppy when he wants!

We had a short breather while they got the reception room ready & the hog roast set up, yes more food! The disco then got going & we ended up writing pretty much the whole the djs playlist!

Everyone got up & had a boogie to macarena, saturday night, ymca, the lot! Then tragedy came on! I shrieked & started to do the full on dance routine (bear in mind id had another 2 pints of ale, another champagne & 3 glasses of white wine). It was all going fine until i realised there was a big circle of people around me copying my moves & i was in the middle! By this point it was too late to escape so i just jazzed it up & had a ruddy good time!

Earlier in the night i had spotted someone wearing one of my shirts from next. After a while one of the ushers called me over & introduced me to the guy as the girl who'd designed his shirt. He was amazed & i ended up having a photo with him! Was quite nice being a celebrity for a bit!!

After alot more dancing and another pint & a half of ale followed by 2 cokes it was time to call it a night, well after popping to the hotel bar with a few others for a night cap!

Today was a bit more subdued & those people from the wedding party who were still around headed to a pub round the corner for lunch & a natter. It was quite nice to have something to do the day after & we could all nurse our sore heads together! Some people choosing the hair of the dog, others, the wimps, including me had coke!

Im now on the bus back to london about to sleep to make the journey go quicker. Wish they had the sleeper bus option like in india! You could count me in!

Well that was wedding number 2 of the year. 2 down 2 to go!


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