Wednesday, April 09, 2008

muffins on the move

why don't they invent an easy way to eat muffins on the go?! i was at the train station yeterday morning and i saw a muffin just calling out to me and i thought yeah why not? so i paid a stupid price for it and was about to eat it and the train came. so i got on a busy commuter train still clutching my pricey muffin. instead of being patient and waiting till i got off the train to eat it i decided to start tucking in. what i hadn't thought about was HOW i was going to eat it. i started to take the top off first which was fine cos it wasn't too crumbly, then i got the middle bit that was just crumbs and i started to struggle. i had my arms pinned to my sides and tried not to drop muffin crumbs over everyone suits. most people would have just given up but it was open and i couldnt wrap it up again and the only other choice was the throw it away. now im on a budget this month so i'm not going to waste half a crumbly muffin cos i cant manage with it so i struggled on and eventually made it without losing too many crumbs or chocolate chunks over me, the floor and my carriage companions. *phew!*

i went out comp shopping yesterday morning after the muffin madness and got there a bit early so i went and sat on the steps of eros and watched the world go by. it was lovely. it was sunny and blue skies but a bit cold and i watched all the tourists and business men walking around. i still cant believe i live here in london. its brill being around all these places you grew up looking at as a tourist and actually experiencing it.....except for the expensive muffins........


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