Tuesday, October 16, 2007

pigeon street

just a little observation when i was wandering round london the other day. why do you never see pigeons with both feet intact?! they pretty much all have at least one mangled foot, if a foot at all! bit minging i know but its one of life's great mysteries. well, not really, but it sounds more interesting that way! :P

on other news W.I.T played 2 great gigs this weekend. one at the Plough Inn for Oxfam where they headlined the Oxjam gig. check out the link below to a video of the crazy kids! (sorry the sound isn't very good, i'll hopefully get a better one on here one day!)


also hopefully one day i'll be able to post a link properly, not just a website to click on! :S

their 2nd gig was at The Comedy near Leicester Square which was great fun! I got quite a few of my mates down to see them and they had a great turn out of their mates too. both gigs went really well and the 2nd one should hopefully lead to them getting a gig at the mtero club on oxford street! :) woot woot!

i haven't really done much more other than eat, sleep and work! so nowt more to report on! hopefully will be soon tho! so tata for now!


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