Friday, October 19, 2007

mitten madness

well it's that time of year. the gloves, funky hats and scarves are out. It's flipping freezing! today was one of those lovely winter mornings where it's sunny but bitterly cold - my favorite part about english weather. there's nowt better than wrapping up warm (looking like the michelin man! :S) and then waddling out the door into the cold!

now im usually fine about all my winter accessories but this year is the 1st year since i was tiny that i've worn mittens. they are soo hard to do any general day to day activities. they need an instruction manual! goodness knows how kids cope. There must be a gene or a brain cell or something that small kids have when they're small to help them cope in mittens, then when you're an adult this gene disappears and you can't function as soon as all of your fingers are bound together. i tried to read a book - impossible. i tried to hold more than one thing at once in my hand - impossible. i kept dropping my carrier bag cos i usually hold it on one or two fingers not in my whole hand. I must have looked like a right plank to everyone around me! thankfully the mittens i chose are the ones that can be folded back to make fingerless gloves so i spent most of my walk to work folding back the mitten so i could get to my ipod, folding it back again, unfolding it to get a tissue, folding it back again, unfolding it to scratch my head, folding it back again, i think you get the idea! think i might even get repetitive strain injury if i'm not careful!

anyways thats enough of my random ramblings! i'll wave bye with my whole hand instead of a normal wave cos my mittens are in the way! hmm think i might go and get some mitten minders this weekend then i can look even more silly when they hang out of my sleeves on a bit of elastic!

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Slink said...

I guess childrens activities are pretty limited to easting sweets, picking noses and such like... and I guess hindering either one of those activities in a child is not a big deal (particularly to the parents!), you're far too concerned running about screaming and getting so hot (despite the weather) that you wind up taking your mittens off anyway to cool down! hehe