Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Peanut kept trying to find somewhere to burrow! :-S thankfully he didnt succeed! Hehe.

Infact you should feel privilaged to see me out & about. Since my 2 birthday presents (an ipod from mum & dad & a nintendo ds from adam) ive turned into a teenager again who mainly grunts! Ok its mainly sudoku im doing & with something stupid like 2million puzzles its gonna take me a while! But hey i love a challenge! Hehe. Adam & i even find ourselves sitting on the tube playing on our ds' if youre lucky we might be competing against each other! I dont know, Modern relationships today! :-P at least its keeping us out of mischief! Hehe.

Oh one other thing, why do all the buses ive been on today smelt of garlic?! Random!

X x x

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