Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chapter 3........

Now I've reached my actual birthday! Mum and dad came up on the Monday (the day before) so that they could spend the whole of my birthday with me in London seeing as I’d book the day off work. On the Monday us 3 and Adam went out for a meal at an Indian called Mela on Shaftsbury avenue and was amazing. The best I've probably had outside of India tho a little rushed at times! They did their own version of a Malai Kofta and they had Roomali Roti so I was chuffed! If you ever get a chance to go, go! (Nothing wrong with a bit of promo!!)

On my actual birthday I met up with mum and dad at their hotel and they whisked me off for a day of surprises. After breakfast our 1st stop was Buckingham palace which was beautiful and even though I’d seen it from the outside many times before, you can now go inside. so we went round the mews where all the horses and carriages are kept and also went into the state rooms and they were incredible. Just to think that that's someone's house is mind blowing! Not sure id like it. Would be cool to change some of the rooms into bowling alleys or summit but to have that many valuable things around waiting for me to knock over and damage would do my head in! Think I'll settle with Putney for now! So if the princes invited me to live at the palace with them I'm afraid I might have to say no! Sorry guys!

My next surprise was going for tea at the Ritz! It was amazing. Really good fun, exactly how you imaged it to be from the old films! We all had to be smart dad even had to wear a tie! I was in a skirt and wearing I nice top. I think I was still on the verge of being smart tho, only just smart enough to get in there hehe! The food was brought out on a 3 tier cake stand, on the bottom layer we had sandwiches (with the crusts cut off and in long rectangles!!), the middle one was scones with jam and cream, and the top was full of cakes and pastries (they were a bit like Leela but a bit less sickly!). As we finished a layer of food they refilled it so it was a very elegant pizza hut buffet really! :-P showing my class there!! Haha.

After we went shopping down Oxford Street and had a cuppa, it was time for my last surprise - We Will Rock You (the Queen musical). It was brill. The sound was incredible and the story was really funny. We were right in the middle of the circle on the front row too so we had the best seats. :-) It was a great day and it was made really special by having mum and dad there sharing it with me! :) Ending it by being a bit soppy there sorry!!


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