Wednesday, April 25, 2007

notes from a weary traveller....

How many beds have I slept in since I last posted? The answer is………7 now that isn’t cos I get around a bit! Well I do, but not in that way!! It just proves how busy ive been and that’s my excuse for having not written and deserting my readers!

Its gonna be easier to do this in points I think seeing as ive left it too long! That’ll learn me!

- 5th was one of the best days ever! Adam and I drove up to lufbra then rfa, tricky, ross and anna joined us and we all went to see Ricky Gervais in Nottingham! He was brill! So funny, apart from the dig at H from steps but I guess ill let him off (and I wasn’t close enough to see the teeth!!)! He did make up for that tho by doing a bit of THE dance as he left the stage! Hehe.
- we then spent fri, sat and sun staying with mum and dad which was nice and relaxing and good to catch up with them instead of just over the phone. Seeing as I was back in barwell it had to mean a trip to flares with michelle!! It was, as usual a good laugh and maria joined us too.


Adam also got quite a few of the merchandise so it was a good giggle dancing along miming into a light-up mike and playing air guitar!! You don’t get clubs like that in London that’s for sure!! Its what makes Hinckley that bit more…err…special and……different!!

-bank holiday Monday I flew to India for work. It was great cos we went into the BA lounge while we waited for our flight to Mumbai and while I was sitting there eating and drinking as much free stuff as I could get (as well as putting quite a few free cans of coke into my bag!! Who says im still a student at hear eh?!) I was called to the desk to say that Jane and I had been upgraded to club class!!!! It was great! The best flight ive had! It was one of those planes where the seats fold down completely flat to make beds and as I sat down before we’d even taken off I was handed a glass of champers!!
Could get used to this lifestyle! There were so many films to choose from and you could stop, start, fastforward and rewind them as you wanted, also there was no crappy plane flood it was a 3 course meal!


I tell ya it was the best! We landed very cool, calm and collected and ready to get on with work.

Work went well, got so much done for the next trend season. It was tiring but worth it. We stayed at the Hilton which was great but I couldn’t get over how cold it was in there!! It was really hot outside so they turned up the AC too! I actually had to sleep in my dressing gown and socks for the 1st 2 nights! Brr! One night the UK team and I all went out to a club called the Hawaiian shack. It had 2 floors, 1 floor was hip hop and bangra music, the other was all really retro English songs and was so funny. The only trouble was….no kingfisher! How rude?!

-after id been at work 5days it was the start of my holiday and I flew down to bangalore to start my holiday. I met Seamus at Leela as soon as I got off the plane and got my first nicely cold, not too out of date kingfisher! Yay! It was great catching up again and being on holiday properly, not just on a quick break.

That night we went to pebble and blue bar before everywhere closed at 11:30 (boo!) its quite a mission getting to more than one place in a night when you have Indian traffic to compete with as well! We ended that night with a very nice pasta dish each at the Taj (it was such an effort to read the menu I tell ya!) before crashing back at the flat!

I also got to Taika a few times during my stay which was fun, it looks lovely now. Its changed since I was there last but still looks really good. I didn’t get to Cosmo but apparently it’s a bit more of a restaurant now, less of a bar.

On the Monday I decided to sunbathe and me, being a typical Brit on holiday sat out in the strong sun and didn’t put on enough suncream! Doh! I thought I had, but I must have somehow randomly missed some patches and ended up with a very red thigh, a line down to my knee and then a very sore knee! Goodness knows how that happened?! But it flipping hurt and it involved me wearing a long skirt for about 5days cos it was too painful to put my jeans on! Yoink!!

Tuesday I went shopping to Safina plaza. As I walked in, the women on the jewellery stall I always used to go to greeted me with open arms! I haven’t seen them in 2years but they still remembered me and when I got 2 necklaces I still got my 35% discount! Ace!!

While I was out there I also visited a new spa called SPAce it was lovely. Such a nice place in the middle of Bangalore. I had a wonderful Back, Shoulder, Neck and Head massage! It was so relaxing and just what I wanted. It was based in an old house and looked lovely.

Well im sorry that this has been such a long post as I always say I wont leave it as long next time! I hope the photos I added to this broke it up a bit more so it didn’t look like I had verbal diarrea (spelling?!)!! I wonder if anyone’s still awake?!


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