Tuesday, April 03, 2007

a blast from the past!

I had the best night last Saturday. It was a lufbra hey ewe reunion in London! How cool can you get?! hehe. I know I hardly ever went to hey ewe while I was at uni and moaned about it in my 2nd and final year but as soon as I found out there was gonna be a reunion I really wanted to go and be a student again for the day and listen to all the dodgy music and jump around with loads of other graduates in denial!

We didn’t get there till midnight but it was actually perfect timing cos the rubbish chart stuff was just coming to and end and they started the proper old school classics that hey ewe’s remembered for! It was held at SeOne, a night club under London bridge and the rooms were actually arched to follow the bridge. It was pretty cool and great fun. They’d managed to get a license to serve nasty as well but unfortunately they stopped serving them at 11pm for some reason so I missed them. Again, I never did this at uni but thought that seeing as I was a student again I was supposed to try it. At least I was saved from the well known lufbra beverage and instead was served stella (bleugh) as that was the only larger they had apart from red stripe. The rest was all vodka alco pops, wasn’t impressed but hey, meant I stuck to coke and had a great night and actually remembered it!!

I kept bumping into so many random people that I hadn’t seen for ages and having a bit of a (shouting) catch up over the music. Of course the hey ewe sheep was there as were two girls who frequented pretty much all of the hey ewes, were on all the totty spotters and were always dressed in outfits from ann summers. I wont name names but im sure most of you know exactly who im on about! :P (by the way they were dressed as sailors this time if ur interested!!)

We stayed there until 3am when it was supposed to finish but they decided to extend it by an hour so it would finish at 4am! The trouble was that by then theyd played all the good stuff and went back to all the new crappy chart stuff so adam and I left (he’d done very well to last that long seeing as he never went to lufbra and hated that sorta music!!)

The next challenge was getting home. We left at 3, waited ages for a bus to Trafalgar square, then walked to Piccadilly circus, got a bus to Putney then had to wait ages for another bus to get home. I crashed into bed about 5am eventually! *yawn!* was well worth it tho! So much fun!

Think that’s about it. got an ace weekend coming up so will post more as it happens hopefully!

Oh got another band to plug actually. They’re called the longshot and are brill. Especially alex the keyboard player. Saw them in Camden last week. Check out their music at their myspace site….. www.myspace.com/longshotband.

Ciao for now!


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