Monday, June 26, 2006

maybe its because im a londer.......(well not quite!)

this is just a quickie to say hi and that im still on this planet, just been really busy!

today is the last day of the london degree show on brick lane. its gone quite well, not as much business as everyone was expecting but never mind. the venue is amazing, really nice and spacious and everyones work looks really good. its nice to get the chance to show in london cos itll never happen again! the private show was brill, it was at night and we had a dj playing his 'choons'. it was really busy too which was cool!

the hostel we are staying in in camden leaves a bit to be desired but hey hehe. i might even say that some of the places i stayed in in india were better! :-S the rooms are really cramped, 6 to a room and it smells like wet dogs cos everyone leaves their towles out to dry! it also boiling and the matresses are plastic (just like halls all over again!).

it was mums birthday last sat so her and dad came up and we went for a meal with my aunt, uncle and cousin, and then the three of us went to see a show. it was at the criterion in piccadilly and it was a really small, beautiful, underground theatre. we saw mack and mabel and was brill. there were only about 10 people in the cast and they played at least three instruments throughout the show, tap danced, sang, acted and moved around the props! one guy made eyes at me over his sax which was quite funny!!

the evenings have been quite nice, just chillaxing with people. its so tiring though sitting with your work. really mind numbing!! not really got much more to say but looks like ill be moving down to london mid/end july to start work! cant wait! looking forward to it. also i get the dreaded grades on wed! argh!


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