Thursday, June 15, 2006

the exhibitionist's exhibition!

well thats it, ive got one day left of being a student. scary thought! cant believe its all over. :-
the exhibition went well, the private show was packed, which considering the heat, wasnt really a good thing!! its been really hot over the last few days, proper english summer (too hot and muggy! hehe) although it only lasted a few days then cooled down and started raining again! chuh. we had lots of people looking round on all the days really which kept us busy. it was quite nice people watching and hearing the comments about your work. i also had lots of friends coming to look which was nice and meant alot. so cheers to everyone that did come and see it! :-) i sold two pieces, one paper design, the other was a woven sample. id also made some ties and i had alot of interest from blokes and girls! i was really pleased with the way it looked cos it was different from the rest of the weave displays and if im happy with it, thats all that matters!
ive only got one photo in this post cos blogger is being a bit rubbish at the mo but ill dust off the link to my photoblog and post them there!
there are two other websites you should check out too. one is the site for our degree show:
the other is a textile website that chose my image to go on the june newsletter about degree shows:
(just click on the june newsletter)
our next show is our london show which is from 22nd-26th june at the old truman brewery, brick lane. should be quite good fun and interesting to see who comes round cos theres usually more trade looking round in london than lufbra.
went out last night for my last time to the union as a student with the india girlies and their housemates. got a bit soppy towards the end of the night cos its all coming to the end of a chapter (sounds cheezy i know but its true!). im actually staying in lufbra till the end of the month but everyone else is going (apart from rfa and a few others) so its a bit poo saying bye to everyone at the mo. *sniff*
thats about it for now, will get the photoblog sorted asap. ttfn


X_Sook_X said...

UK Speed Knitting Championships?!

ktp05 said...

erm one doesnt do knitting!! :-P

cheers for coming was nice to see you!