Saturday, January 07, 2006

random ramblings

well im back in lufbra again now, feels like ive never been home! its very quiet in our house, riksters asleep (has been since 5pm!) and rfa isnt back till feb cos hes a slacker and only has 1 exam in jan! chuh! might be going out tonight but not sure, might just have an early night in and chillax! mmm sounds nice!

ive not blogged for a while cos ive been trying to get my dissertation done. last week mum and i went to london to the V&A gallery for me to do some more research. it was very strict, they even had an invigilator who looked over everyone to check we were all behaving! i requested one book and because it was a special one i had to use it right infront of the invigilator and was only allowed to make notes in my notebook in pencil incase i defaced the book at the same time! it was too quiet as well, i really hate libraries, they are just too quiet, i find that distracts me more than a bit of noise! well anyway ive got 7000 words for my dissertation and its finished (well draft 1 is), got a tutorial next week so ill see what she says, will probably have to start again! nooooo! ive also been doing a bit of studio wok ready to start weaving again on monday, well after ive dyed it, drafted it and threaded up the loom that is! argh!

went to the hairdressers yesterday, didnt have anything exciting done or owt but while i was having my hair washed (i love that bit! got a head massage out of it too! mmmm) i suddenly thought, ive been going there for about 4 years and i dont think ive had the same person wash my hair more than this because of my dent?!?!?! maybe i freak everyone out and they refuse to do it again?! oh the shame! hehe

thats about it for now anyways. ttfn
denthead xxx

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