Wednesday, November 16, 2005

little miss popular!

wow! what a busy weekend! ive just about recovered now! friday - i took the day off from uni and went to meet cess and fan for the start of our india reunion. it was so weird, but so nice to see them in lufbra! we had so much fun catching up! had a bit of a boogie on my dancemat, looked at some india photos and then i showed them around campus. had a yummy burger at ehb and moved onto the studio. came home and got ready for sam and anna arriving. they arrived about 7.30/8ish and we started on the cheeky vimtos (port and wkd blue (yuck!))! seeing as it was sam's birthday we had arranged a sort of surprise meal at curryholics. it was sam, anna, rfa, rikster, matt, stacey, matt2y, sarah and me. the food was amazing with loads of flavour, the only trouble was that when they brought out the huge chocolate birthday cake that stacey had brought we couldnt mange any of it!! our taxis arrived and we went to fnd, thankfully the que wasnt too long although i nearly got into a fight cos i wouldnt let a guy push past us! grrr! hehe! fnd was really good fun and we all had a bit of a dance. while we were in there we met up with cess, fan, nat and em too so it was quite a big group to keep track of!

sarah, matt2y, mattay, stacey, sam in curryholics.

fan, cess, ktp in cognito (thats the name of the bar not what we're wearing!)
saturday - we had a lazy morning and recovered from the night before. when we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed we went to loyds for lunch. it was sam, anna, rikster, rfa and me. i then got a phonecall to say that nat, em, fan, cess, becca, claire, and anna were all at the fair if i wanted to join them so of course i had too! we went on the waltzers, crazy shake and magic mouse and i learnt one important bit of info from that afternoon, never go on fairground rides with a hangover! *bleugh!* hehe. went home to sleep for an hour and then went back to nats to show everyone part of the india movie. it was really good fun watching it with everyone. we had a few warm up drinks and then i went on to meet rfa, matt, rikster, sam and anna in wetherspoons before both groups (plus damith, tesh and ced) met in echos! both groups liked different music though so half of them were in the white room while the others were in the main room! you confused yet?! i am!! rfa, rikster, sam, anna, anna's mate ian and i were the only ones left at 3am and we went to marios for some minging food that always tastes incredible after some drink!!! rfa got a bit carried away and ordered large chips, cheese, mayo, chilli sauce, ketchup, etc PLUS TWO large pizzas! thakfully he didnt eat it all then, he saved some for the next day! men eh?!?!
sunday - woke up at 9am so i could pop round to nats to watch the rest of the india movie before everyone left at 1pm. it was so lovely to see everyone again! couldnt stay to say goodbye though cos sam and anna were planing on leaving as well! went back to my house, ended up passing out for another few hours before matt came round and showed us some of his new juggling tricks! they were really cool and we all had fun in the garden with his spinny things (dont know what theyre called!). sam and anna left and matt stayed. we chillaxed for the afternoon/evening and watched tv.

monday - weaved most of the day although i was sooooo tired! went to fossepark to exchange my dvd player cos its broken again, listened to the new system album, its ace! cant wait till it comes out on the 22nd! yaya!
anyways im sure thats enough for now! ive got cramp in my fingers! there will be more photos when ive got them off nats computer, so for now ttfn
p.s thanks to everyone who came down this weekend, it was so much fun and i cant wait to see y'all again!

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