Sunday, April 19, 2015

A little bit for everyone

Last week saw the end of my 5 gigs in 3 weeks...where did that go?! I thought it would make quite a fun contrast to put it all in one post so here goes....
sorry it's a long one guys!
1. CHUCK RAGAN - Scala - 25-03-15
A great way to ease into my gig marathon! We arrived at the Scala & even though we were right at the back I had a clear view of Joe Ginsberg whoop! Chuck & the Camaraderie sounded as wonderful as always & I enjoyed a good singalong & foot stomp! I'd never been to the Scala before (I only knew it as a club you could get shot at years ago!!) but it's a great space for live gigs. Yay for Chuck & new venues! Roll on the next one - maybe even a Revival Tour. Also yay for being at Kings Cross late at night when there are no tourists at Platform 9 3/4.
2. FRANK TURNER - Cecil Sharp House - 26-03-15
Not a gig strictly speaking but a celebration of Frank's book launch. Cecil Sharp House in a folk arts centre near Camden & we were lucky enough to snap up tickets. Frank had a Q&A session & spoke about his book before singing a mix of old & new songs. It was great to hear Frank telling tales of old shows, adventures & experiences. I even got him to sign a birthday card for one of my mates who was at the event too! We all were given a signed copy of the book & can't wait to sit down & have a proper read of it on a cold & blustery day. Thanks to Sarah for the awesome pic bottom left!
3. BLUE - The Roundhouse - 29-03-15
I was a bit excited about being a teenager again & screaming along to Blue, so after a Gourmet Hotdog & various ales courtesy of 'Spoons Anna & I were ready & raring to go! I love the Roundhouse, there's never a bad spot & although though I'm a bit vertically challenged I was able to see the 'boys' in all their glory! They sang the majority of their old choons & lots of new stuff & when most people left at 'the end' before the encore we managed to shuffle quite a long way forward for them to come back on stage which was cool! All in all it was a fun show, a bit of a shame they ended on one of their new songs & not an old classic but still brill all the same! All Rise!
4. MCBUSTED - O2 arena - 04-04-15
Last year McBusted put on one of the best gigs I've ever been too & it was going to take a lot to beat it. Before the show the big screens showed old film trailers such as Back to the Future, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Home Alone, etc, then played Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne's World & the curtain dropped to reveal a giant arcade machine. The whole gig had geeky gaming references throughout & the band even had a game of Street Fighter before disappearing down a Mario pipe at the end. It was brilliant! They had a flying Delorean, flames, confetti(the less said about this the better Sarah!), an unfortunate sound glitch & wedding dresses! I can't wait to buy the DVD & relive the show again. It was just as fun as the last one & here's to many more from the McBusted lads!
5. SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Wembley arena - 10-04-15
Chop Suey is a song that will always remind me of Fresher Rock Nights & being scared out of my wits by everyone jumping/shouting along to this loud song which was a complete contrast to the Steps & Blue concerts I was used to. So now we fast forward 13years (how has it been that long?!) to me being one of those people shouting along at System's only UK gig (that sold out in minutes), to commemorate a hundred years since the Armenian Genocide. My little fresher self wouldn't have believed that would ever happen!

I've always wanted to see System & the gig was as loud & crazy as expected...I'm glad we were standing in the seated area & not in the frantic mosh pit though, must be my age! They ploughed through their songs, sometimes maybe a bit too quickly making their timing a bit dodgy but all in all it was great. Everything I wanted to hear live (plus loads more) was played during their 2hr set. I don't know if this is the last time we'll get to see SOAD play but if it was what a high to go out on!
So there you go, I've not got anymore gigs in the pipeline *sigh* but I'm sure it won't be long until another one is announced & our notice board is full of tickets again! Huzzah!

Ttfn x

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