Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pick up your foot & stomp it stomp it

Ladies & Gents I introduce to you KooKooKangaRoo! They're currently supporting Frank Turner on his tour & were awesome!
I'd seen Frank mention them before & so I made sure we were there on the 2nd row ready for their warm up (literally) act. It was so much fun to watch the crowd warm to them after the initial "what on earth is happening?!" During the set they came into the crowd, got us all to make a circle & danced in the middle with us! My highlight was Cat Party & I sang my socks off. I couldn't believe when the set came to an end & although they didn't sing "No Crusts" it was just as awesome as I'd hoped! We stayed on the second row for Frank - it's a long time since I've been that hot & sweaty at a gig but as always it was brilliant....Adam & I kept grinning at each other & shouting along. I loved the bit when half the mosh pit sat down & all jumped up again to carry on singing/jumping! We even managed to get the set list at the end whoop!

As we were leaving KooKooKangaRoo were still on their merch stand so I bought the CDs, got them signed & had a few pics. Bryan even thanked me for knowing all the words to Cat Party & for singing along! Can't wait to see them again in Camden next week - fingers crossed we get in!

Ruddy love gigs like that!
Ttfn x

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