Friday, May 09, 2014

Just call me Charlie Dimmock - but I will wear a bra!

Last weekend ma&pa visited to help me work on our garden.....I was so excited to get to work on my very own space & not just an old ceramic sink at my folks'.
When we moved in it had been a pretty wet winter (understatement!) & most of the grassy area was just mud. My first job a few months ago was to get a load of lawn seed down to see what happened & a lawn happened that's what! We even had to buy a lawn mower the other week it was that good! 

Dad got to work cutting the grass then mum & I weeded the newly dug boarders. Thankfully the weather was kind to us & we spent all of Sunday planting bedding plants & tidying up the existing shrubs. I even found out we've got Rosemary growing which went on the lamb roast dad & I cooked for dinner - ah domestic bliss!
These 2 views are my favorite, especially the one on the left. I've been popping out each evening to water the plants & check on the sweet's so good to have our own little haven, roll on the summer when we have a few more plants & the BBQ going! Who's for a burger?!

Ttfn x

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LAP said...

It was fun and now you can enjoy the fruits of our labours!!!way