Tuesday, December 10, 2013

With a pack of Ginger Nuts in one hand...

& gig tickets in the other it could only mean one thing...Dave Hause was playing in London! I wonder if he regrets saying he likes these as the biscuit mountain grows higher?!
First stop before any music could be listened to was grub! We discovered a little gem called The Horatia. Now food was a bit pricey (all coming from Borough market) but was really yummy. The best part? They had loads of ale on offer, sadly I was driving so just had a little Brew Dog but I'm sure we'll be back someday soon!

With bellys full & spirits raised we set off to The Garage. I'd never been before but was a great little venue. We arrived just before Dave began but managed to find a perfect spot behind the lighting desk allowing a little squirt like me an ace view!
We enjoyed a good old sing-a-long to both old & new songs & giggled along at some of his random ramblings, Prague & Resolution still remaining firm favourites in the set.

Afterwards we stayed around to say hi & get out ticket signed before heading home. Yes I know it was Friday night & everyone was in the queue for the venue to be turned into a rock club, but as the bouncer pointed out to me "might as well go home, it gets really noisy & you wouldn't like it!" 

This raises the question do I really look as old as I feel sometimes?! Yoink!

Ttfn x

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