Monday, June 03, 2013

Getting rid of my rolls

In more than one sense....
 photo photo1_zps9ce2ef1e.jpg
Yesterday I enrolled in a gym! :-) my induction is on Wednesday & I can't wait to just get on with it! My last attempt at joining a gym didn't really go to plan so here's to a fresh start & a fitter me.

I also decided it was time tiger my many rolls of film developed. Finally! Sorry Lou I know you've been waiting for ages! I can't wait to get them all back (all 13 of them!) & bore *ahem* I mean share them with you all soon. Whoop!

Hope y'all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. We had a bit-too-busy walk round Brick Lane before heading home & getting ready for the week ahead.

Ttfn x


sarahmayelliott said...

Go u! Joining a gym! X

ktpland said...

I know! Hell's due to freeze over this week too! :P x