Friday, September 25, 2009

dancing on the ceiling

well i've been dancing everywhere else why not there too?! I've been well & truely bitten by the jive bug! It's crazy! I'm going about 2/3 times a week and i love it! This week i wasn't supposed to go at all cos i was busy every night but the meal i had on tuesday ended at 9 so instead of thinking 'yay early night' i ended up sneaking off to jive till 11pm! I've tured into a proper night owl the past few weeks and i love it! Went to a fab party last saturday night at the rivoli ballroom for jive louises birthday. It was a stunning place packed with jivers & lindy hoppers & there was a live band too. The only downside was the heat, i must have lost so much weight from just sweating! Lovely thought there! Other stuff ive been doing.......been to quite a few tv recordings - my family, argumental, milton jones..., mum & dad came last week which was ace - we went to see les mis & dad ended up hob nobbing with daniel radcliffe! Only trouble with all this is im not seeing adam enough boo! So definately gotta learn to get the jive/boyfriend mix right! Yoink! Right my fingers are frozen typing this on my phone so adieu! Xxx

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