Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just call me mr motivator!

dunno what's got into me but i feel really motivated and want to do everything NOW! it's a nice feeling for once! instead of the whole i'll do it tomorrow attitude. no wait a minute....it's gone again! aaah and i can breath again and leave everything till tomorrow! :P it was just a passing moment!

work's good and my back is getting better, i've been at physio for a few months now and it's made a difference even if it does hurt like hell every time he elbows my hip!

jive is the main thing i'm so happy about at the moment. i've made some great mates and have such a fun night out! i've started going twice a week too. gets me out of the house anyways and more importantly out of the clutches of big brother! can't believe it but it's my 1st year i haven't cared about it at all. crazy!

other big news is - rfa has graduated finally (:P) and congrats to him, maybe they'll put up a blue plate at all the houses he lived in in lufbra stating how long he was a student for?! hehe

wow this is entry's a bit bitty isn't it but i just wanted to type and ramble on! so sorry for putting you through it!!


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