Tuesday, May 12, 2009

donations gratefully accepted!

think this is going to be a bit of a random rambling post tyoday but ah well! i'm in one of those moods!

had a great weekend at my first hen do and thankfully it wasn't as rowdy as i was worried it might be! in the evening we went clubbing in nottingham to oceana which was fun and during the day we did a version of "it's a knockout" and everyone got pretty wet. i did my back in on friday though so couldn't take part so the offical events photographer stepped in and clicked away!

i've been getting back into my photography again which is nice. my themes recently have been reflections, silhouettes and people and i've got some good results so far. the trouble is i'm now really wanting a digital slr. i know, i know, i said i'd never leave film behind and i do love my manual slr but film is just getting a bit too expensive and it ends up being really costly when you try to be experimental. at least with a digital camera you can see your results instantly and change anything that was set up wrong. so if anyone fancies adding to the ktp camera fund then feel free! many thanks!

i'm dead excited for this week becasue i'm doing........nothing! well pretty much! i'm out at jive tonight (if my back survives!) and tomorrow i'm doing one of these customer feedback things where you get paid for talking (sounds like my kinda thing! :P) but that's it, the rest of the nights, including the weekend *shock gasp* i'm free and i can't wait! got loads of tv programs and sleep to catch up on so i'll be making the most of that before i get stupidly busy again somehow!

anyways i'm in a bouncy, energetic mood right now so better start work beofre it all fades and i fall asleep on my desk!

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