Friday, September 12, 2008

...i will survive, as long as i've had weetabix i know i'll stay alive...

Weetabix – it might set you up for the day ahead and make you big and strong but it’s a fine art to get the right amount of milk on it. it either goes too soggy or is too dry. One more drop than you need, and that’s all you need, a drop, and the bricks turn into a soggy mush that is just like runny slop, one drop too few and you teeth end up welded together and your mouth becomes as dry as sawdust.

My tried and tested method is to put a small amount in the bowl. Watch the 2 blocks of weetabix suck up the milk greedily and then just add a little bit more so the middle is a bit mushy but the outside edges are still crispy enough to hold it all together and this works perfect! Then again if you like to drink your cereal instead of actually eating it then ignore this useful food preparation tip and drown them in the milk. Hot or cold the choice is yours!!!

Next week, raw shreddies!!

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