Tuesday, March 25, 2008

easter miracles really do happen

i got a dress! i know i couldn't believe it either!!

i suddenly found out i might have a few weddings to go to soon so needed a back up dress ready. poor adam didnt really know what to do at the prospect of a dress hunt again but it wasn't too bad really. i saw one i liked in the 1st shop but it wasn't very weddingy so carried on looking and found one in topshop later on (i know everyone will have it but i'll look the best! :P of course!) so i'm happy and i own a dress! wow!

i went home for easter for 4 full days of mum and dad and it was nice for adam and i to get away from london for a bit eventhough it was snowing and cold. had a really nice one with them and it's a shame it's back to the grind stone now! boo! ah well 4day week! :)


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