Tuesday, December 11, 2007

katie is......

wishing she could stop thinking about her daily life in a facebook way! Everything she does she thinks of herself in 3rd person and so whenever she does interesting all, Katie is…..springs into mind! Don’t worry if you don’t get this blog, only fellow facebookers will know what I mean!!

I’ve not blooged for a while cos ive been jet setting off to far off lands. I had a weeks holiday in New York with Adam and it was fab. We had such a great time! It was about -11degrees with the wind and it snowed lots J we even went ice skating in central park in the snow! How romantic?! Bleugh! Hehe! :P we did lots and lots of walking and shopping and we didnt want to come home! It was Adam’s birthday while we were away and so I surprised him with tickets to an ice hockey match. There was only one fight the rest of the time they were slamming each other into the walls! I really enjoyed it actually, wasn’t sure I would! Not really got much to say apart from it was great and we loved going away and getting out of London.

Up until chrimbo is a bit frantic. Im off to India to work on Christmas 2008 and then I have to think about Christmas 2007! I’ll be spending it between being with the rents and London so will be busy but great!

Hope everyone’s doing ok. I’m in the happy chrimbo spirit now so everythings good! :D woot woot


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