Wednesday, November 21, 2007

money, money, money,!

oh to be a kid again. i was sitting behind a group of school boys this morning on the bus and they were all chatting about money - one guy had 10p that he wasn't giving to ANYONE and on the other extreme one of his mates was said to be 'loaded' seeing as he had £4! now if we go by this rule then i might be classed as a millionnaire seeing as i have the treasured value of £8.60 in my purse. i wish shops could appreciate this new value of money - if they did, im sure i could be owning a penthouse on regent street and a lovely rx8! i think we should listen to kids more and take on their ways of thinking! i want to be rich dammit!!

btw, still on the subject of money i was quite impressed that my poppy total this year only reached £3! i managed to keep the same poppy for the full amount of time tho i did find myself buying another one from 2 really old men at waterloo station cos i felt sorry for them and the other was for adam cos we were going to a rememberance sunday service and he had to have a poppy!

ive just come back from a work trip in mumbai and as usual ive come back with a stinking cold! every time i go i get one! grr! The trip was great though and we got lots done for the new collection, im now working on chirstmas 2008! good job i was a guide cos the motto 'be prepared' definately applies to the fashion indisutry!!


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