Tuesday, May 16, 2006

if i could turn, turn back the hands of time......

it all started going wrong a week last monday when i started to weave but kept noticing broken threads in my warp on the loom. i kept mending them and getting matthew (the technician) to try and work out the problem with me, neither of us could find it,this carried on untill thursday morning when i was so fustrated with it i spoke to jan (my tutor) and decided to cut it all off and start again, i ended up loosing about 2weeks worth of work. :- so on thursday i was in the workshop untill 6pm winding my next warps. friday morning came and as i went to dye the waprs that id already spent aaages untangling i started to dip dye one of them and then set it on fire in the bunsen burner! so i had to start again, again (sounds like the teletubbies!). by the end of friday id dyed my warps and wefts but because id taken so long to dye them i couldnt do anything else cos they were still drying. the weekend i spent calming down and taking many deep breaths! monday, i started to spread my warps and as they were stretched out ready to wind onto the loom i walked along side one of them with my scissors in my hand, the thing i hadnt noticed was the fact that i had cut some of the threads while i walked along! i lost about 10 threads (doesnt sound alot but if im short when i thread up the loom ill have to wind ANOTHER warp!). well today is tuesday and hopefully it should all go ok from there. they always say these things come in threes so hopefully im all done now! argh! :-S



Anonymous said...


Sounds as if you need to concentrate a tad.

Keep at it.It will come good.

The Hammer

ktp05 said...

yes boss! :-P hehe

chavette x